Save on Kona Coffee

If you love Kona Coffee, here's a few ways to save while you treat yourself.

1. Coupons by Email

Our email club isn't like other lists. For starters, you won't get bombed with emails. You will, however, get secret discounts that never appear on our website, and dibbs on our best events.

Here's an example. Every now and then, we have an oops. We roast too much of one coffee, or a wholesale order is canceled and we have a sudden surplus of coffee. Guess who gets it? Our email club. Usually at a hefty discount!
>> Join the email club, here!

2. Join the Coffee Club

Club members don't pay full price. It's our thank you for placing a standing order. Maybe you want 2 bags every month. Or perhaps only one bag every 6 weeks. You decide how much, and how often. And to show our appreciation, we give you discounted rates.
>> Check out the coffee club, here

3. Discounted Tripack!

Our Kona Coffee Tripack is our best seller of all time. Know why? Because you could put 3 bags of Kona in your cart and pay full price... or you can put the Tripack in your cart (3 bags) and save $20.
>> Find our tripack, here

4. Bulk Kona in 5lb bags

If waking up to no Kona coffee is about as appealing as a shower with no hot water, our bulk Kona is ideal for you! We have giant 5-lb bags of Kona Coffee beans at discounted rates. Enjoy!
>> Browse bulk Kona, here


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