Peaberry Dark Roast Whole Bean 100% Kona Coffee

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Most coffee cherries contain two coffee beans nestled face to face. That’s why coffee beans are flat on one side. But, about 3-5% of coffee cherries hold just one small oval-shaped bean instead of two flat-sided beans. These small oval beans are called “peaberry” beans. Peaberry kona coffee is rare simply because nature makes it so. Out of every 100 bags of Kona coffee, only 3-5 bags will be Peaberry.

Peaberry beans roast up wonderfully. Full bodied and smooth, with just a hint of bite. Connoisseurs have dubbed Peaberry the “Champagne of Kona.” As more coffee lovers discover this unique little bean with the big sassy taste, demand for peaberry is growing. Demand for peaberry is so high that we often have to purchase unroasted Peaberries from smaller farmers that don’t sell to the public. Even then we sometimes run out. Enjoy this decadent little bean that natures makes so rare.


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PENNY L TREXLER Jun 27th 2020


My partner's all time favorite coffee. Takes us right back to our vacations to Kauai, where we always have Kona coffee. Bought this for her as a 'cheer up' gift for all the grief that is occurring in the world. Had some this morning - just delicious. We feel better already!

Heide Stover Jun 2nd 2020

peaberry dark roast

I enjoy the smooth flavor of this coffee. Can not make up my mind if it is my favorite or not yet. I purchased a burr coffee grinder to make sure I can get the whole beans and have the freshest possible coffee.

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