Grande Domaine Vienna Roast Ground 100% Kona Coffee

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There is no other Kona Coffee like this one. It stands alone. Our Grande Domaine Kona has gained notoriety by being selected as a Kona Coffee Cupping contest winner for outstanding quality and balance. A decadent blend of our most flavorful Kona coffee beans and Peaberry Kona, the most rare Kona Coffee of all. This is the best of the best; sun-drenched Kona coffee, harvested by hand and roasted to a perfect Vienna roast, which is a little darker than medium. For connoisseurs, that’s a perfect second-crack so you taste both the roast and the exquisite flavor that only comes from the Mauna Loa region of the Kona Coffee belt. This coffee will spoil you for any other. A cup of oh-my-gosh sent directly from Hawaii to your door, with Aloha. Pre-ground, so there’s no need to grind; just open the bag and brew. You’ll love the consistency, knowing we'll grind your Kona coffee exactly the same every single time. 


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Nikki Dec 10th 2020

My Favorite

So smooth! I love this coffee

Janet Nov 28th 2020

Smells wonderful!!

Bought as Christmas gift for daughter and son in law. They bought some when they were in Hawaii a few years back. It arrived quickly and smells wonderful!!! I am sure they will love getting an entire pound package.

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Additional Info

Vienna Roast