100% Maui Mokka Whole Bean Medium Roast Coffee

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Maui Mokka® is a unique coffee with beans that are the smallest of any coffea arabica variety - yet possess a rich heritage and produce a full bodied cup with unforgettable notes of fruit, hints of candied citrus, rose and cocoa. The gentle mountain slopes of western Maui proved an ideal climate for this cultivar to thrive and gain recognition for it’s delicate and original flavor.

This coffee is not to be confused with any chocolate flavored drink that derives its name from the ancient coffee port of the city of Mocha, this is pure coffee with origins stretching far back into history - it’s cultivation blossomed in Yemen before finding its way across the globe… barely surviving it’s journey to the new world and eventually being resurrected by an experimental plantation project in Hawai’i.

We invite you to experience the taste of history for yourself - our Maui Mokka® is available for a limited time only.


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Lori Brenden Nov 7th 2019

We just love the Maui Mokka Whole Bean Medium Roast Coffee

This has become our favorite coffee, we just love the flavor and roast.

Nikki Jun 28th 2019


Great flavor- I was really impressed. My go to is the Grande Domaine but this is a great coffee. Nice smooth flavor. Definitely worth a try and I will be buying it again!

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