Private Reserve Medium Roast Ground Kona Coffee

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Our Private Reserve Kona Coffee is a proprietary blend of 100% Kona Coffee beans exclusive to Koa Coffee. Which really means it's our secret blend. A combination of Kona grades that is loved and enjoyed by our customers. This one is a perfect medium roast to showcase the flavor unique to the slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano on which Kona Coffee beans are grown. Pre-ground, so there’s no need to grind; just open the bag and brew. You’ll love the consistency, knowing we'll grind your kona coffee exactly the same every single time.


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Erle Mar 30th 2019

100% Kona Private Reserve Medium Roast

Extremely Happy with this roast. Every cup brings the Hawaiian Islands to you! We loved it in Hawaii and now we loved it here at home.

Marian Feb 21st 2019

Private Reserve

Given the choice I only drink Kona coffee from the islands. Private Reserve is smooth and low in acidity. Tastes like a gift from the heavens.

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Medium Roast