Private Reserve Dark Roast Whole Bean Kona Coffee

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Our Private Reserve Kona Coffee is a proprietary blend of 100% Kona Coffee beans exclusive to Koa Coffee. Which really means it's our secret blend. A combination of Kona grades that is loved and enjoyed by our customers. This one is a classic dark roast, which is lower in caffeine than lighter roasts and perfect for drinking after dinner or into the evening.In whole bean Kona Coffee, because you already know the aroma of freshly ground alone is enough to put a smile on your face, before you even pour the water.


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Wehart Hosea Dec 14th 2017

Kona Dark Bean Coffee

I've finally found the coffee but I've always been looking for, the best!

DocMike Sep 10th 2017

Best coffee ever!!!

After years of searching for the perfect coffee and tasting numerous brands and different roasts, I have finally found the best coffee for me. I love bold coffee, but many bold coffees are bitter with an undesirable aftertaste. The Private Reserve dark roast provides a bold flavor, but it is very smooth with no aftertaste other than the taste of the best cup of coffee you can savor. Since trying the Private Reserve dark roast for the first time, I have ordered it several times and literally have over 10 pounds on hand at this time. I make coffee every day, usually more than once a day, so I don't want to run out. I have taken advantage of specials and emails offering 30% off so I like to stock up so I don't run out. Now, I rarely buy coffee when I'm out because the flavor is just not as good, regardless of where I might buy the coffee. I would rather wait until I get home and brew some of this coffee. To me, it is well worth the price as I consider it to be one of life's simple pleasures. There is not much better than an incredible cup of coffee first thing in the mornings!! Also, shipping is fast with the order arriving in just a couple days.

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