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    Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts

    Premium Macadamia Nuts:

    Our lightly salted and dry roasted nuts are treasured by gourmets the world over. Higher than olive oil in monounsaturated (healthy) fat, macadamia nuts are gaining prominence not only as a delicious nut but also as a healthy nut!

    Ours are from Hawaii, of course, known for the most flavorful macadamia nuts in the world.

    Our premium Hawaiian Macadamia nuts come packaged in vacuum sealed tins that guarantee freshness for the treat that you'll remember and appreciate.

    4.5 oz. tin; Only $9.95

    chocolate covered macadamia nuts Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts:

    Our chocolate covered Hawaiian macadamia nuts are treasured by gourmets the world over. We start by hand-selecting only the largest macadamia nuts. Next, we dry roast them to perfection.

    Then, we hand dip them in layer upon layer of dark, creamy, semi-sweet chocolate. Yes, you read that correctly. We hand dip!

    And if you've read the news reports, you know that dark semi sweet chocolate is an excellent source of antioxidants. And did you know Macadamia nuts provide more monounsaturated (healthy) fat than olive oil?

    So, no need to feel guilty for this treat! A chocoholic delight that's pure Aloha!

    A whopping half pound bag; only $14.95

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