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    Grande Domaine Single Estate Kona Coffee

    grande domaine kona coffee

    "a Kona Coffee Cupping Contest Winner for it's outstanding quality and balance"

    There is no other Kona Coffee like this one. It stands alone.

    Our Grande Domaine Kona has gained notoriety by being selected as a Kona Coffee Cupping Contest Winner for it's outstanding quality and balance.

    It comes from trees planted as long ago as 1918. The Grandaddy of Kona Coffees.

    Made from Mother Nature's mix of the top four grades of Extra Fancy, Fancy, Number 1 and Peaberry beans, grown at the 2100-2500 foot elevation.

    The limited production makes this rare and unduplicated coffee a prize among the world's best coffee. The best of the best. Sun-drenched kona, grown on the most long standing trees in the Kona Coffee Belt.

    This coffee will spoil you for any other. A cup of oh my gosh sent from Hawaii to your door... and a full pot costs under $5. Because, surely, you deserve that!
      Whole Bean Ground Coffee
    Grande Domaine Kona Coffee: 5 pounds $220
    Grande Domaine Kona Coffee: 1 pound $48
    Grande Domaine Kona Coffee: 8 oz $25
    1 LB, to be delivered monthly [ CLUB DETAILS ] $43.20

    Did you know?

    kona coffee per pound

    kona coffee prices One lb of Kona makes about 10 pots. Which means a full pot of Grande Domaine is under $5. ($4.30 for club members) Which also means you can treat yourself to one of the most exclusive coffees in the entire world... hand-picked coffee grown on trees that date back to 1918... for under $1/cup. Take that, paper-cup coffee!

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