Hawaiian Espresso

Espresso isn’t a particular kind of coffee, but a way of making coffee. Espresso is made by forcing hot water under pressure, through finely ground coffee. But which coffee is best for espresso? That’s purely a taste preference. Of course we lean towards the taste of Aloha.

Our Hawaiian espresso is an exquisite blend of four (4) varieties of 100% Hawaiian coffee chosen for their flavor profiles. Classic Hawaiian sweetness with just the right amount of bite. Because a good espresso should be rich, but with just a little attitude, yes?

The brew is full bodied and the crema is impressive if we do say so ourselves! Also makes a great (dark and flavorful) cup of coffee brewed straight up in your coffee brewer.

Please note: Our Ground coffee is ground for drip-brewers for those who enjoy very dark roast coffee in their cup. You’ll want to purchase whole beans for use in an espresso machine so you can grind it extra -fine just before brewing.

Hawaiian Espresso
I just received my order… I brewed my first cup and WOW – what great flavor. And I have noticed that the caffeine level is just perfect for me – strong! — Christie Love
Dark Espresso Roast WAS NOW Whole Bean Ground Kona
Espresso, 8OZ $15.00 $9.00


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