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    Kona Coffee Gifts

    Gift Shopping Doesn't Get Any Easier! No driving to the mall, no parking lots and no lines to stand in. A gift of Aloha is as much fun to give as it is to receive. You'll love the reaction.

    Because really, how often do people receive a gift sent all the way from Captain Cook, Hawaii?

    Coffee Gift Bags Kona Coffee Mugs Tshirts

    Hawaiian Chocolates Macadamia Nuts Gift Certificates

    I had my first cup of Koa Coffee Plantation's "Private Reserve" yesterday morning. What a remarkable coffee! Smooth, bold, delicious!

    My wife bought me your coffee for Christmas.
    My mother-in-law bought me a french press coffee maker.

    Well, like mother, like daughter. What a great Christmas! I've always known Kona coffee is the best in the world. Now I've found the best-of-the-best.

    ......Dave Berg; Minneapolis, MN

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