About Us

This is the Kona Coffee Forbes called “Best Coffee in America”

Koa Coffee began as a family owned and operated business, established in 1997.

In the beginning we were a true “Mom & Pop” with a little boy and his dog running alongside as we picked and roasted our precious Kona Coffee beans.

But with eternal thanks to our loyal customers, Koa Coffee has grown and continues to grow each year.

We have grown into the American dream, providing employment to the many staff who bring their Aloha spirit to Koa Coffee.

Our Pure Kona Coffee has never changed…

Except, perhaps, to become better and better as we implement more quality control than we had in the early days.

Today, we have better roasters, so every batch is roasted to the perfect roast. We vacuum pack our coffee so that when you open the bag, it smells as wonderfully fresh as it did while we were roasting it.

At Koa Coffee, we have always been dedicated to offering our customers the finest Kona Coffee experience, while also sharing some of the beauty and Aloha of the Hawaiian Islands. That’s who we are, and always will be. Aloha!



Kona Coffee Cupping Winner for outstanding quality and balance

— Pacific Coast Coffee Association

This stuff is wonderfully smooth and its lack of a bitter after-taste makes you think nothing of having that second cup… or third. For the freshest coffee experiences, order from the Koa Plantation

— Forbes

Koa Coffee Plantation offers some of the best coffees we’ve ever sampled in Culinary Thymes test kitchen.

— Culinary Thymes Magazine

You guys are absolutely the best, best coffee, best service and fantastic delivery time. You folks eliminate any other choice for me.

— Jim G., Hendersonville