Koa Coffee (Kona Coffee)
This is the 100% Kona Coffee Forbes called "Best Coffee in America"
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kona coffee plantation
kona coffee plantation
kona coffee plantation
kona coffee plantation
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Kona Coffee and the Kona Belt

Pure Kona Coffee comes from the Kona Coffee Belt, a stretch of land about 1 mile wide by 30 miles long. According to state regulations, only coffee grown in the Kona Belt can be called Kona Coffee. Coffee grown outside the Kona Belt is Hawaiian, but not Kona Coffee. We sell 100% Kona Coffee.

How Fresh is Your Coffee?

Did you know that the very oxygen we need to live is the enemy of fresh coffee? That's why we don't just settle for using the little degase valve you see on the front of our coffee bags. We also vacuum pack our Kona coffee to remove the oxygen from the bag. You'll taste the difference, and that's a promise!

Kona Blends - Did You Know?

If you've tried a "Kona Blend" from your grocery store, you haven't tried the real thing. By law, Kona "blends" can contain as little as 10% pure Kona coffee. And while many Kona blends are good, they aren't pure Kona. Our Kona coffee is 100% Kona. As Forbes said, "Koa Plantation is the real thing."

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