100% Kona Coffee. Hand-picked, roasted with care and vacuum-sealed for freshness. Shipped from Hawaii to your door, with much Aloha!

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Peaberry Kona Coffee
The rarest Kona; for every 100 bags harvested, only 3-5 are Peaberry.

Estate Kona Coffee
A mixture of the top three grades of Kona, favoring the largest.

Kona Coffee Tripack
Our #1 best-seller of all time. Our top 3 Kona Coffees, discounted.

Grande Domaine Kona
The “Grandaddy” of Kona Coffee, from the longest standing trees.

Decaffeinated Kona
Swiss water decaffeinated. So you get all the Aloha, without caffeine!

Kona Coffee 4-Ppack
Our #1 best-seller of all time. Our top 4 Kona Coffees, discounted.

Private Reserve Kona
An exquisite combination of big Extra Fancy beans & Peaberry.

Hawaiian Espresso
For espresso drinks, or straight up. The crema is impressive!

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About Kona Coffee

Pure Kona Coffee comes from the Kona Coffee Belt, a very tiny stretch of land about 1 mile wide and less than 30 miles long. According to Hawaii State regulations, only coffee grown in the Kona Coffee Belt can be called 100% Kona Coffee. Coffee grown outside the Kona Belt is Hawaiian Coffee, but it is not Kona Coffee.

The Kona Coffee Region is one of the most ideal coffee-growing climates in existence. But, because the Kona Coffee Belt IS so small, only 1% of the world’s coffee yield is 100% Kona Coffee. And to make it even more rare than nature already has, it takes 7 pounds of Coffee cherries to make one pound of Kona Coffee.

If you’ve tried a “Kona Blend,” you haven’t tried the real thing. Kona “blends” are not a blend of Kona Coffees. By law, a Kona “blend” can contain 10% Kona coffee and 90% “not Kona” – and while many Kona blends are nice, they are not 100% Kona. Our Kona coffee is pure, 100% Kona. As Forbes said, “Koa Coffee is the real thing.”

After trying my first cup of Peaberry my wife & myself were hooked. It’s the smoothest coffee on the planet. Star-who? You’ll be getting plenty of orders from us, in fact one is on the way right now.

— Mahalo, Steve Costenbader

You guys are absolutely the best, best coffee, best service and fantastic delivery time. I had tried ordering from other websites, but you folks eliminated any other choice for me.

— Jim G., Hendersonville

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Kona Coffee Cupping Winner for outstanding quality and balance

— Pacific Coast Coffee Association

This stuff is wonderfully smooth and its lack of a bitter after-taste makes you think nothing of having that second cup… or third. For the freshest coffee experiences, order from the Koa Plantation

— Forbes

Koa Coffee Plantation offers some of the best coffees we’ve ever sampled in Culinary Thymes test kitchen.

— Culinary Thymes Magazine

“For the freshest coffee experiences, order from the Koa Plantation…” –Forbes